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Texas Lien and Construction Law

The ability to file a lien on a construction project when you haven't been paid is a very powerful tool. Although the requirements are technical to assure statutory compliance, the process is not costly.  More more information, read below. To begin filing a  lien, download the information sheet at left and contact Pyke and Associates at our office.


 Construction Disputes

Disputes between subcontractor, contractors, and owners are far too common. If a dispute is not readily resolved, everyone can lose. Contact an experienced attorney promptly to discuss your dispute and learn more about construction disputes.  Read about Pyke and Associates experience with Texas Lien and Construction Laws.



  • Who can file:  any person (contractor, subcontractor, or material supplier) who has provided labor or material for construction of improvements to real property

  • When can you file:  It is never too early to file.  Time deadlines pass quickly, so promptness in pursuing your lien rights is essential.  If the lien is not timely, it can not be valid.

  • How much does it cost: Legal fees, costs and court fees average about $650

  • Does it guarantee payment:  Filing a lien is the most powerful tool available to a creditor -- better than filing suit or almost anything.  However, no legal procedure guarantees payment.


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